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I've been busy in Sydney working multiple jobs, submitting my Partnership visa with Cameron, and studying for my Certificate III in fitness. While I haven't found time to create anything new for my personal blog, I have written a few pieces for an outdoor community I follow, Rad Girls Collective. This community brings together like-minded women who enjoy a good outdoor adventure. Below I have included links to the published blogs as well as an excerpt from the post. Enjoy!

Surviving the Outdoors with Your Partner

"You guys are like peanut butter and jelly, there isn’t anything you don’t know about your partner. I’d believe you if you spent a week together — outdoors.

My significant other and I had been dating for over a year and we’d been camping many weekends together already. It never occurred to me just how much closer we would get over our 9-day backpacking trip through Tasmania’s famous Overland Track. It wasn’t easy and it sure wasn’t all smelling of roses, but we survived (still to my surprise). And in the interest of keeping you and your partner together, here’s how you can survive the outdoors with your loved one."

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5 Tips for Exploring a New Place

"From one weekend in Yosemite, to another in Desolation Wilderness, Big Sur, or Mammoth Lakes, there was always something new to experience and someone to go with. My world was turned upside down when I met someone from Australia. I have since relocated to Sydney, where the ever-changing weather may resemble my San Francisco home, but suddenly I had no friend base, family, car, or clue on where to climb, hike, and adventure."

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