Home Away From Home

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Travelling back to Sydney feels like a trip home. I have my favourite cafes and eateries, I have friends to catch up with, I have a running route and gym routine to jump into, and I've got my guy to lean on. Of course, California will be my home forever and always, but it is nice to feel at ease and relaxed all the way across the globe (except when driving, I don't know if I'll ever get used to that).
Cameron and I are excited to close the miles between us and make long distance a thing of the past, but until then we are making here-and-there trips work. At the beginning of September I flew down under for a week of long blacks and chilly spring weather.
The trip was kicked off by my all-time favourite café in Surry Hills, Lumiere. They had these jam donuts on display that we couldn't resist - and they were THE BEST. They were so good I couldn't stop devouring one long enough to take a picture.
We headed to Bondi next to get some paperwork done for my visa and then celebrated by cooking salmon and popping open some champagne. Note: it was a short day due to my jet lag and inability to stay awake much past 4pm.
How beautiful is Bondi beach? Click play above and watch the waves roll in...
The following days were full of drinking coffee, eating copious amounts of food, and simply enjoying the company. 
How cute is this bookstore with a cafe inside?
Of course, I loved getting back on the motorbike. Sorry, Mom.
Guess what Cam is feeding?
Eels! The Glebe pond was full of them! We even got close enough to touch a couple.
We spent one afternoon just kicking back at Centennial Park.
And another afternoon kayaking in Rose Bay.
But probably our favourite afternoon was spent learning how to make pasta. It was a unique experience, as the class was held in the Italian woman's home, which was beautiful and intimate. She led us through a 4 course meal and we switched between observing and hands-on experience. 
Cam and I were so high from our class we went out and purchased all the tools and ingredients to make pasta at home. Cue an impromptu night of cooking for friends...
Reflecting back on my trip, thinking about all the coffees, meals, and sunny weather, I would have to say that the thing I miss most now that I am home is being there at the end of the day to catch up with Cam. It is a small thing, but having someone to share your stories, ideas and plans with at the end of each day is so important. 


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