Camp Richardson (aka Thank You, Dad)

August 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

My Dad really deserves more than two days to be celebrated (Father’s Day and his birthday). Not only has he dedicated 32 years of doing everything for my brother and I - he has spent his lifetime making the people around him laugh, reflect, ponder and have a good time. If you’ve been lucky enough to have attended one of my Dad’s BBQs or sporting events you know exactly what I mean.

So for his birthday this year my family and I took a long weekend at Camp Richardson to celebrate.

We took a hike around Emerald Bay. I got out my selfie stick and embarrassed my entire family.

Then my brother and I decided to rent a paddle board and kayak. That lasted for 20 minutes before lightening struck and the beach was cleared. There may have been a moment when my parents ran across the beach yelling as we hopelessly tried to paddle and not get knocked over by the waves (yes, waves in Lake Tahoe). One of us succeeded in not getting knocked over.

We took cover from the storm at Beacon Bar and Grill and found out why everybody in the area recommends their rum runners.

The next day we rented bikes and went down memory lane, except this time I was riding my own bike and not the tandem with Dad.

Afterwards we headed downtown to window shop, enjoy bloody marys and soak up some vitamin D. A seafood buffet followed (my hands were too busy cracking the all-you-can eat crab for a photo). After we had stretched our pants tight enough we went to gamble a bit in the casinos.

All in all, a successful weekend with the family. Thank you, Dad, for being you and always knowing how to have a good time!


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