Pyramid Peak, Desolation Wilderness

August 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I first discovered Desolation Wilderness when Cam came to visit me in California. I have had it on my mind ever since. And with over 63,000 acres there's a lot of discovering to do. 

So Gracie and I headed North to check out Pyramid Peak, an 11-mile day hike. The trail started out perfectly - wildflowers blooming, majestic trees, blue sky and absolutely nobody else around.

The trail takes you right to Lake Sylvia which is the perfect spot to refuel before ascending the summit. 

It is also the perfect spot for a quick photo shoot with your best friend.

Then things got a little tricky. The trail disappeared and the directions I had printed out weren't so clear. 

We figured we would just head up. Up a pile of loose rocks to the top of the mountain ridge. 


The views sure paid off though.

And after about a mile of scrambling up loose rock and boulders we arrived at the summit. Yeah, Pyramid Peak sure didn't disappoint. 

I was so excited to eat lunch I spilled it all over myself. I will neither admit or deny haven eaten that blob off of my dirty leg. Gracie may or may not have trapped a giant bug in her cleavage. And we might have done some staged yoga at the peak. 

In conclusion, Pyramid Peak was an exceptional hike, but not for a beginner as some route finding and climbing was necessary. I would highly suggest a weekend trip with camping overnight at Lake Sylvia. 


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