Berry Creek Trail, Big Basin

July 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This summer I am checking a lot of Bay Area hikes off my list, including Big Basin. Despite California being in a severe drought I decided to check out the Berry Creek Trail, known for its giant redwood trees, numerous waterfalls and the main attraction - Berry Falls.

Big Basin is home to many Banana Slugs - be mindful when around these guys and don't pick them up with your hands, the salt on our skin is deadly to them.

We came across a few smaller waterfalls before Berry Falls, which weren't impressive, but still beautiful.

Here's the majestic Berry Falls, still going despite the drought:

My review of the Berry Creek Trail is a positive one. I found it wasn't too crowded, especially compared to some other Bay Area hikes (such as Point Reyes, Tomales Bay and Mission Peak). The trail was a maintained 10 miles that winded uphill and downhill among the towering redwood trees and left you satisfied, refreshed and tired all at once.


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