McNee Ranch State Park

April 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I may not know who the Bachlorette picked, or which movies won what awards, or even know what sports season it is, but I can tell you all about the hiking trails in the Bay Area. 

With Spring here people are crowding the trails on the weekends, making it harder to find solitude in the great outdoors. Places like Point Reyes, Mission Peak and Tomales Bay are packed by 10am on a Saturday or Sunday.

McNee Ranch State Park is a bit of a gem. It is close to the city (about a 20 minute drive from the heart of San Francisco), offers typical California Bay Area views of coastlines and grassy hills, and while you won't be alone out on the trail, the crowds are minuscule in comparison to those mentioned above. 

Did I mention that your favourite hiking buddy can come along on the trails too? Yup, this is a dog friendly zone.

The North Peak Trail is an 8 mile route that will have your buns burning from the steep incline, but makes up for it in vista points. Thanks for coming along Yana and Dasher - hiking the trails with someone always makes the burn better :) 


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