Pinnacles National Park

March 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Having an office, behind-the-computer, 9 to 5 job makes the weekends a bit sweeter - or maybe thats all the Larabars I consume while trekking around California. This weekend my favourite running buddy and I headed to Pinnacles National Park for a spectacular 6 mile loop.

We started from Bear Gulch and headed to the caves and reservoir before continuing to High Peaks trail.

The trail starts off with stunning rocks, lush greenery and beautiful spring flowers. And the sights only get better as you go...

"This is why I do yoga" - Gracie 

A section of the trail is labeled "steep and narrow" but the steps (above) are totally worth it. The top of the pinnacles make for a perfect snack spot (below). 

Today I am back to the run/work/sleep routine, but I have the memories and photos from this weekend to tide me over until I can pick a new spot on the map to explore.


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