Tomales Point Trailhead

February 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Destination? Tomales Point Trailhead.

Who? My two lovely friends and I.

Distance? 9.5 miles of maintained trail along the coast.

Weather? Heavy fog followed by clear blue skies. 

I mean... seriously heavy fog. On a good note, it made for some magical picture taking opportunities.

Yay - the fog cleared! And just in time to view the elk:

After two hours we made it to the point. Save your picnic lunch for here - tons of views to admire while refuelling for the trek back.

The entire trail is exposed so make sure to bring sunscreen. My friend Rachel, pictured above, got creative and sported two baseball caps with an extra windbreaker draped over them.

I am always happy to get outside and thankful I live in an area that offers so many options for hiking, climbing, and exploring. Also thankful for my beautiful friends who accompany me and make sitting through traffic tolerable. What's not to smile about?


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