My First Love

November 12, 2015  •  3 Comments

My first love came at that typical age of 15. My first love was that love-at-first-sight deal. My love is just so darn cute, cuddly and furry.

While some may consider their first love to be a high school sweetheart or college fling, mine is certainly my miniature dachshund. No one has consumed my time, thoughts or heart like this short and long 10 pound fur baby. 

As many of you know, Pixie has had health issues this last month. It began with a little cough and turned out to be the feared "C" word - cancer. We've lost countless hours to restless nights, worry, stress, and panic, but we didn't lose the most important thing. 

I realise that cancer or no cancer she can't be by my side or cuddled up on my lap forever, but she will always be my first love - and that kind of feeling never goes away.

And for fun, here's a timeline of our time together thus far:

Pixie and her "real" mom playing :) She's 7 weeks old here and I've already fallen for those floppy ears and little brown boots.

Pixie begins to train myself and the rest of the household to give in to her every demand. How could I say no to that face?

Pixie sticks by my side through the midriff phase...

...and the thin eyebrow phase...

...and just about all the painfully awkward phases of being a teen.

Pixie celebrates the holidays with me. She allows me to dress her for certain occasions for up to five minutes (pictures last a lifetime though!).

Pixie and I discover we have many similar interests, such as the outdoors and running. Sometimes we run laps together around the living room table.

But our ultimate common interest is each other.

Get well, my sweet soulmate xx


These are wonderful memories to hold on to.
Nancy Gay(non-registered)
Pixie is one of my favorite pups of all time, and you're a sister to me, Michelle. Thank you for writing this and for sharing the awesome, heartwarming pics of two of my favorite girls :)
Pixe has brought so much joy to us! She's such a special, funny lil' girl.
Michael Martinez(non-registered)
Very sweet. We never have precious babies long enough. Love her and carry her with you always. She will never leave your side.
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