But First, Coffee

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No drip coffee from San Francisco or holiday-themed latte from Starbuck's compares to Australia's flat white. If you're a fan of the coffee caffeine fix so many of us need to wake up in the morning plan your trip to Australia now. Make it a one way ticket, because you'll probably never want to go back.

When you order a coffee here you'll be asked: which kind? To help you out, I've made a list of the different coffees offered and how they differ. 

Flat White

A shot of espresso + steamed milk + a little foam = velvety texture, similar to the cappuccino and latte, but higher proportion of coffee to milk

Served in a mug

Long Black

Hot water + two shots of espresso = similar to an Americano, but retains the crema on top and is stronger in flavor

Served in a mug


A shot of espresso + steamed milk + foam = similar to a Flat White, but more foam on top

Served in a glass


A shot of espresso + steamed milk + foam = similar to a latte, but a smaller proportion of milk to espresso than in a latte

Served in a mug

Piccolo (my favourite!)

A shot of espresso + steamed milk + foam = looks like a mini-latte, but has a higher proportion of espresso to milk than in a latte

Served in a glass


A shot of espresso + a dollop of foam = a smooth strong flavour

Served in a mug or glass


A shot of espresso + chocolate syrup/powder + steamed milk + foam = a hot chocolate with caffeine! 

Served in a glass

A special thank you to my friend who made these gorgeous coffees for me to photograph! And also to Cafe 1812, where you can order all of these delicious coffees and enjoy a beautiful selection of yummies to accompany them.


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