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My friend and I thought Fraser Island was amazing and didn't think that anyplace could get better, but it did when we headed to the Whitsunday Islands!

After a 12 hour bus ride (which wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds!) we decided to spend the day at Hamilton Island. The ferry ride there showed off teal blue waters and sneak peeks of beautiful island shores.

Of course, as soon as we exited the ferry we searched for food. We found a cafe right off the water and kicked back with a few brews. Ahhhh, holiday never felt so good.

After lunch we walked the few steps from the cafe to the beach, where the water was clear, shallow and surrounded by scenic nature.

Our trip to Hamilton Island ended with a true Aussie experience - koala cuddling! 

The following day we took another ferry to the famous Whitsunday. The views are pretty indescribable, so I hope these pictures give you some idea.

The sand on Whitehaven beach is so pure and soft that it'll cost you a $60,000 fine if you get caught trying to take some home with you.

When you go snorkelling or swimming in the water its recommended to wear one of these stylish suits to stay safe from the poisonous jellies!

What better way to end a perfect holiday than with your best friend and a beautiful sunset? Thank you Melsa for visiting and making our holiday so much fun! xx



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