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This morning, between my teeth brushing and coffee making, I screamed. There it was - the only thing I dreaded more than finding a cockroach in my studio - finding a spider. Correction, a really big spider. After I sprayed it to death from a safe distance and bothered a male stranger in the hallway to pick it up and move it to the trash, I realised that this was a milestone. People who live in Australia all have had this experience at some point or another and now I have as well. I can whole-heartedly say I have experienced living in Australia. With that, I will share with you a few other milestones I have come to encounter (in no particular order):

Language. Despite the language being English I admit to Googling many Aussie terms. "There's rocket on my sandwich?" "We are going to meet in the arvo?" Mastering the lingo and words used here takes many conversations and cafe orders. The day will come when you wont need to Google "Where's the nearest dunny?"

Not getting (too) lost. That moment when you can walk to the grocery store and post office without consulting your phone's GPS.

Running. That moment when you know the area well enough to establish your running routes.

Ordering food and coffee. There are no sugar free vanilla lattes or chocolate chip frappuccinos here. Knowing the typical Australian coffee menu is a must. Ordering food at a cafe may seem simple, but when common ingredients you're used to are named differently, ie: capsicum (red pepper), rocket (arugula), and halloumi (type of cheese) its easy to get confused.

Getting used to cockroaches. It is hard to believe, but you will get used to it - at least a little bit. You will stop screaming when you see one on the sidewalk and you won't be utterly shocked when you see one at the cafe you're eating at. 

Shopping. Coles and Woolworths are cheaper than IGA for groceries and Cotton On is more affordable than Sportsgirl for clothing. I can tell you where the best malls are, the nearest grocery stores and which ones have better produce or less designer shops. 

Riding the bus. I remember getting on the 380 bus and asking someone around me which stop was Bondi Beach. It is a common question on the 380 or 333 and it is a question I answer often for tourists riding the bus with me. I answer with a huge smile on my face, its so obvious when you get there.




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